Katherine Heigl Smoking Ecigarette


There are many celebrities that smoke ecigarettes but in my personal opinion the hottest one that smokes e cigarettes is Katherine Heigl.  I have always had a thing for her.  I first fell in love with her when she was on Grey’s Anatomy.

I also like her in the 2007 Knocked Up movie with Seth Rogen.

I first found that the Katherine smoked ecigarettes when I saw her on the David Letterman Show.  She was showing Dave how they worked and how to smoke an e cigarette.  It was very cool and open many people’s eyes to the ecigarette.

Cigarettes Electronic

Is it dyslectic for someone to call the electronic cigarette – cigarettes electronic?  I don’t know why I even thought of this but the other day, I was looking over some search data and noticed a bunch of people coming to my site looking for cigarettes electronic.

I have never heard of anything, in conversation refer to the ecigarettes as cigarette electronics.

Perhaps that is how people search for it online – even though they know that in language, it is referred to as an electronic cigarette.